Our Story

“Our defining objective is to make you fall in love with Sri Lanka”

Dream Cliff Mountain Resort is a family-owned resort. It is the vision and dream of Farzaan Jabir.

After enduring years of dreary British weather whilst living in London, Farzaan, along with Sarah Nawaz and Naushard Jabir, founded the luxury travel business Sri Lankan Dreams in the UK (www.srilankandreams.com).

On the fourth year of business having provided wonderful tours of Sri Lanka for our clients, we embarked on setting up Dream Cliff.

Driven to provide our clients with a unique, breath-taking experience, Dream Cliff Mountain Resort was built to capture the essence and tranquillity of nature and the splendour of the surrounding mountain ranges.

Two questions that are often asked at the resort today is how did you all build this and who is the architect?

The resort is built in the memory of Adam and Eve (peace be upon them). In both religious and cultural beliefs, it is widely held that they had their first steps on Earth on the mountain that is known today as Adam’s Peak (not too far away from the resort) after they were exiled from the Garden of Eden.

We built Dream Cliff for our clients to have the best that this world can offer.

“Reset your life and start fresh to live the way you should!!!”
– Farzaan Jabir, Owner Director –


“The moment you enter this delightful heaven of earthly paradise you are transported to a wonderful world of blissful tranquillity and serenity.”
– Sarah Nawaz, Owner –


“Breathe in the cleanest air and finest climate on the planet, be at one with nature, and enjoy the adventure!”
– Naushard Jabir, Owner –

Dream Cliff